Anti Aging Laser Treatments

VShape Facial Tightening – Englewood NJ

Better U Medical Spa in Englewood, NJ offers a wide array of state-of-the-art, highly effective anti-aging treatments. One of our most popular is VShape Facial Tightening. VShape uses radiofrequency to non-invasively shape and contour the face, by tightening the facial skin as well as getting rid of any unwanted fat. It is a ideal for treating laxity in the face, neck and jowls, as well as reducing pores and improving skin texture.

VShape is a safe, non-surgical, FDA approved procedure that can be used on all skin types. There are absolutely no side effects and no downtime with this state-of-the-art facial lifting, tightening and contouring treatment.

Bipolar radio frequency lifts excess skin with no pain, while also stimulating collagen and elastic production for natural skin tightening, smoothing and strengthening. The result is a dramatically younger looking face and neck area.

Schedule an appointment at our Englewood, NJ Med Spa and and we will help you decide if Vshape facial tightening treatments are right for your aesthetic goals!