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Supra Pubic Fat Removal – Englewood & Jersey City, NJ

During intimate moments unwanted “penis fat” – medically called “supra pubic fat” – can make a man feel sexually unattractive. Fat around the penis can also interfere with a man’s ability to perform. Also called a buried penis (or retractile penis) excessive fat deposits in the suprapubic region above the penis can give the appearance that the penis is small or hidden. This condition can also lead to  infections of the urinary tract or genital region and/or difficulty achieving an erection.

Supra Pubic fat is not only confidence-busting, it is extremely frustrating because it is in an area that typically cannot be treated with diet or exercise.  But, because of its very personal location, few men discuss or seek medical help for the very real problem of unwanted bulges of fat in the pubic area.

At Better U we not only understand men’s concerns about supra pubic fat – we also have the solution! While most medical providers only offer one fat loss method, Better U Medical Spa offers a combination of non-surgical skin tightening and fat removal procedures that can effectively get rid of a man’s unsightly and embarrassing supra pubic fat – once and for all! These innovative, state-of-the-art fat removal treatments are comfortable, affordable and – best of all – they permanently get rid of unwanted fat around the penis.

Schedule a discreet and confidential consultation at our Englewood or Jersey City office and we’ll help you put together a supra pubic fat removal treatment plan that is right for you – so you can regain your sexual confidence and restore your sexual performance!