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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment – Englewood NJ

If you have trouble achieving or maintaining a firm erection, you are not alone. More than 30 million men in the US suffer from erectile dysfunction – also known as “ED”. While heart disease and diabetes are risk factors for ED, the primary cause of erectile dysfunction is simply aging. More than 50% of men over the age of 50 suffer from ED – while more than 70% of men older than 70 have problems with erectile dysfunction!

The good news is that Better U Medical Spa in Englewood, NJ now offers state-of-the-art Alma Duo™ that naturally treats ED with low-intensity “shock wave therapy”. This revolutionary erectile dysfunction treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive and no anesthetic is needed. There are NO painful injections and NO medications to take!  And results last up to 2 years!

Alma Duo™ shock wave ED treatments use low-intensity waves of pressure which activates the body’s wound healing response and stimulates formation of new blood vessels – to restore better blood flow and natural function to the penis. Alma Duo™  also has been clinically proven to improve libido (sex drive) and increase the intensity of orgasms!

This quick, comfortable, in-office treatment only takes about 15 minutes. And there is no downtime after Alma Duo™, so patients can resume regular activities immediately after treatment.  A series of 6 treatments is usually recommended, but a customized treatment plan will be designed just for you. Schedule a confidential consultation at our Englewood or Jersey City, NJ office – and take the first step to getting your sex life back!