vaginal anal whitening Englewood NJ

Vaginal & Anal Whitening – Englewood NJ

Vaginal and anal whitening (sometimes called “genital bleaching” or “vaginal / anal bleaching”) allows women to feel more clean, attractive and comfortable with their own bodies during intimate moments – or when baring skin in lingerie or bathing suits.

Anal and vaginal whitening (bleaching) is a process by which the color of the skin surrounding the vagina or anus is lightened. The goal of this procedure is to match the skin of the vaginal area and/or the anus to the rest of your “bikini area”… for a clean , fresh appearance.

Once only used by performers in the adult entertainment industry, women from all walks of life now enjoy the benefits of whitening or “bleaching” dark areas around the vagina and anus. A recent study reported that the number of women requesting intimate bleaching has currently increased by 23 percent.

Dr. Hetal Gor is one of the few physicians offering this innovative new treatment, and has extensive experience in conducting this advanced, state-of-the-art laser procedure at Better U Med Spa in Englewood, New Jersey.

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