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AccuFit Muscle Building Treatment | Englewood, NJ

Better U Medical Spa in Englewood, NJ is proud to announce the addition of state-of-the-art AccuFit muscle building treatments to our wide selection of highly effective body contouring procedures. This amazing new body sculpting technology by Lutronic builds, strengthens and tones muscles – to enhance the shape of your body with NO EXERCISE.

AccuFit muscle building treatment emits electrical pulses that stimulate thousands of muscle contractions in a single 30 minute procedure. These contractions are the equivalent of months of exercise – dramatically improving muscle strength, tone and definition in as little as 2 weeks. When used on the abdomen, AccuFit can give you the “six pack” definition in your abs that you’ve always wanted. AccuFit can also be used to firm, lift and tone the buttocks muscles, to achieve a “butt lift” without painful, expensive & dangerous surgery.

AccuFit also offers direct muscle targeting that is more precise than exercise. This muscle selectivity results in unparalleled precision, sculpting the exact muscle proportions you desire – with little to no discomfort. And, 4 different proprietary waveforms replicate the motions of 4 unique muscle movements – for comprehensive results.

As an added benefit there is no downtime after your AccuFit muscle building treatment in our Englewood, NJ office.

If you are interested in the fastest and most advanced method of building muscle, schedule an AccuFit consultation at our Englewood, NJ Med Spa, today!