Restylane | Englewood, NJ

Better U Medical Spa is the premier provider of Restylane injections for women in the Englewood, Hackensack and Hoboken area.  Our patients come from across New Jersey, as well as New York City, for our beautiful results and our much-lower-than-Manhattan prices. 

Several different Restylane formulas are designed for use on different areas of the face. The original Restylane Silk is typically used to add volume to the lips, as well as to smooth out folds and wrinkles. Newer Restylane Lyft (previously called Perlane-L) is a much thicker formula that is used to add volume to the cheeks and/or jaw and to fill in nasolabial folds. Restylane Lyft is also FDA approved to add volume and reduce the appearance of aging on the back of the hands. Restylane Refyne & Defyne also correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including nasolabial folds, while maintaining your natural expression.

Restylane is uniquely created with smaller particles than other dermal fillers, making it a smoother and more flexible treatment that feels softer and looks more natural than denser gel fillers (like Juvederm). Restylane is also hyaluronic acid based – which means it draws and retains moisture in the treated area for plump, youthful skin. Additionally, Restylane dermal fillers help stimulate the body’s own natural production of collagen – which extends Restylane’s long-lasting results.

Schedule an appointment at Better U Medical Spa in Englewood, NJ today – and Dr. Gor will help you choose the right Restylane formula for a more beautiful, youthful “Better You”!