Vaginal Tightening

“O” Shot / Orgasm Shot – Englewood, NJ

The O-Shot is a new, 100% natural, state-of-the-art treatment for women than can improve sexual sensitivity, tighten the vagina, make sex less painful, decrease bladder leaks – and even increase your sex drive!

The O Shot – or “Orgasm Shot” – has been proven in clinical studies to increase natural vaginal lubrication, and to help women achieve better, more frequent orgasms. As an added benefit, the O Shot can also reduce urinary incontinence due to aging, childbirth or other factors.

The O Shot is a simple, one-time, in-office injection that uses the body’s own natural healing powers to stimulate cell rejuvenation in the vagina. Because the treatment is derived from the patient’s own body there are no side effects and no downtime.

Dr. Hetal Gor is one of the few physicians offering this innovative and life changing new treatment for women in the Englewood, NJ area. If you are interested in invigorating your sex life, getting rid of pain during sex or reducing bladder leaks, schedule an O Shot appointment at Better U Med Spa in Englewood, New Jersey today.