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LaseMD Skin Rejuvenation – Englewood NJ

Better U Medical Spa in Englewood, NJ offers a wide array of state-of-the-art, highly effective anti-aging treatments. Our newest skin rejuvenation treatment is state-of-the-art LaseMD. This cutting edge new laser treatment substantially reduces or eliminates unwanted pigmentation as well as many of the frustrating signs of aging such as age spots and sun spots.

LaseMD Skin Rejuvenation uses gentle but powerful non-ablative fractional thulium lasers to activate the natural regenerative processes of the skin. This cutting edge treatment stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, while providing nourishment deep into the layers of the skin. LaseMD Skin Rejuvenation also utilizes proprietary vitamin serums formulations to enrich the skin on a deep cellular level. The result is even, healthy, glowing skin – free of age spots, sun spots and other unwanted pigmentation.

This quick skin rejuvenation treatment only takes about 20 minutes. And because it is non-ablative it is comfortable and no anesthesia is required. Even better it is safe for all skin types, colors and tones!

Schedule an appointment at our Englewood, NJ Med Spa and and we will help you decide if LaseMD Skin Rejuvenation treatments are right for your aesthetic goals!